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How To Secure Your Doors & Windows

The safety and sanctity of the home has always been important. But now, in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, its safety and has taken on new relevance. More people are now following Work From Home guidance, which can sometimes mean bringing more...Read More

4 Things To Think About For Commercial Security

It’s no wonder that many businesses are now concerned about security. The COVID-19 pandemic has emptied a lot of commercial spaces. One reason for this is health and safety measures. Some businesses that can feasibly do so protect their...Read More

The Three Types Of Security

It’s not unusual for people and businesses to be worried about personal safety and, of course, health. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the notion that no one is safe from the virus regardless of position. As a result, many safety...Read More

Could This Be The Holiday Season Where Crooks Target Your Home?

The safety and sanctity of the home have always been important. But now, in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, its safety and has taken on new relevance. More people are now following Work From Home guidance, which can sometimes mean bringing more...Read More

Four Most Popular Types Of Residential Alarm Systems That Can Protect Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, there is nothing more effective than an alarm system. An alarm system can alert you to when there is suspicious activity on your property so you can contact law enforcement and get your family to safety....Read More

Where To Hide Your Hidden Home Security Cameras

Visible security cameras are a powerful deterrent to criminals. When they see a security camera, they know their risk of getting caught just went up exponentially. So oftentimes, they will skip over your house and look for one without a security...Read More

Pharmacies & Medical Facilities Are At High Risk

Many people are more concerned about their health than ever before. It's no mystery why, as the COVID-19 pandemic is a genuine threat, being a virus that no one is immune to. The pandemic concerns are so large that work from home guidance has been...Read More

Commercial Burglary Is A Bigger Risk Than Ever

For people that live and work 2020 has brought about a lot of significant changes, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most common readjustments is the idea of people working from home as this type of guidance provides more health and...Read More

Upping Your Home Security During the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, we want to do everything in our power as homeowners to ensure that our property is well protected when we are there and when we are away. For this reason, you may consider upping your home security during the holidays...Read More

Employ These Strategies At Your Venue To Keep Attendees Safe

Some host concerts by musicians or bands. Others are excellent for holding political rallies and events. The places are also good for live comedy and art shows. Regardless of what is happening at the venues, owners of the establishments must take...Read More

What To Know About Security Guards Before You Hire Them

Are you managing a property? Whether it’s a residential or a commercial one, property management goes beyond the cleanliness of the facilities. It’s also about making everyone on the property secure and safe. With that, aside from having...Read More

How To Keep Your Event Secure And Safe

If you’re hosting an event, aside from the decorations, food, and entertainment, the safety of the venue is important as well. That’s why you need to have proper security measures in place, whether they involve a system or people on the...Read More

Don't Let A Grinch Steal Your Christmas Without Putting Up A Fight

2020 has been a wild roller coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs. For the most part, bad things have far outweighed the good, but on the plus side, the holidays are right around the corner. Sure, family gatherings might be a bit different...Read More

Are Surveillance Cameras A Good Fit For Your Business?

Modern business owners have all kinds of things to worry about. For starters, they must implement new rules and strategies to protect customers and employees from COVID-19. The novel coronavirus has people scared, and rightfully so. After all, it is...Read More

Are You Ready To Hit The Slopes This Winter?

Yes, COVID-19 remains troublesome in the United States today. The novel coronavirus has hit other countries hard as well. Regardless if there is a healthcare crisis or not, many Americans are tired of being stuck inside their homes. With wintertime...Read More

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Install A Security System In Your Apartment Complex

Whether it is a home or an apartment, the bottom line is that everyone wants to feel safe, secure and content in their home. If you are the owner of a multi unit housing complex or an apartment building, your number one priority should be tenant...Read More

4 Elements Of Good Commercial Security

If you own a home or a business then security is always going to be a significant concern. With 60% of burglaries occurring during the daytime, homeowners have cause for concern if they’re away during the day for work, while commercial...Read More

Ways To Make Apartment Complexes Safe For Everyone To Enjoy

Some people invest in properties with multiple units to rent them out to tenants. The endeavors allow landlords to have steady money coming in each month, which they can use to upgrade complexes, pay taxes, or handle other bills. They can pretty...Read More

Security Tips For Safeguarding Your Restaurant

American restaurants are going through unprecedented times during this Covid-19 crisis across the United States. Even those are struggling, and navigating new waters when it comes to reopening their dining areas, catering to outdoor seating,...Read More

Some of the Top-Targeted Items in Home Burglaries

To better protect our homes, it is important to be aware of what we have and what a burglar may be targeting when they zero in on our home and property. Knowing this information can better prepare us as we look for the best home security solutions....Read More

4 Ways To Improve COVID-19 Retail Security

Unfortunately, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world has dramatically changed life everywhere. It's meant some significant changes for many businesses, including retail ones. However, as life slowly transitions into a new kind of...Read More

Do You Need Patrolled Units On Your Property?

Patrolled units—you have seen them rolling down the streets, and they look intimidating to many. Uniformed patrol officers carry an air of authority around them that makes them an effective crime deterrent. This is why a lot of people,...Read More

Keeping Your Retail Store Safe From Vandalism And Break-Ins

  Starting your own business is an investment, and it is one that means a great deal to many across the United States. Those with their own businesses know how important it is to keep their establishments protected. Vandalism and break-ins are...Read More

Alibi Cloud VS Success Story - Residential Police Officer

Learn how one busy police officer looked to Alibi Cloud VS for an off-premise security solution, and how it provided him with greater cost-savings and security than a traditional system could offer.  The Client  Five years ago, Ronald, a...Read More

Why DIY Security Systems For Your Small Business Is A Bad Idea

Businesses and the rest of the US are affected by various crimes, such as employee theft lost. It has also been discovered that 95% of employees steal from their employees, based on a 2013 anonymous survey of 50 retail and...Read More

Protect Your Property And Family With These Security Tips

People buy houses in safe and inviting neighborhoods whenever possible. They are in areas with nice public parks, low crime rates, and excellent school districts. These properties give the purchasers peace of mind. They like knowing that they have...Read More

5 Mistakes That Put the Security of Your Home at Risk

The home security options we choose are important. Home security isn't something you can just jump into without doing some research and determining exactly what it is your property, and home need to be safe and protected. So, today, we will be going...Read More

How To Secure Your Front Door

When we think about burglars, we imagine them lurking around our homes, sneaking behind bushes, and climbing into a window. Though thieves often do use windows, the majority of burglars use our front doors to enter our home. So when it comes to...Read More

Common Security Mistakes Homeowners Do

The unexpected circumstances that the coronavirus brought have affected the way people live. A lot of companies have decided to implement a work from home set up. Because of this, more individuals spend most of their days inside their...Read More

Preventing Employee Theft In Your Business

As a business owner, you would never want to think badly about your employees. However, 75% of employees are reported to have stolen from their employers at least once. To make things worse, employee theft costs businesses $50 billion...Read More

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